Monday, September 8, 2008

roller coasters, mariokart, and hurricanes

We had family in town last week, including the M&M nephews, who whupped my sorry self in MarioKart.  And this despite the fact that their combined age is 20.  (Obviously, I need to practice more!)

Somehow, we were able to tear ourselves away from the Wii long enough to weekend in Williamsburg, which is a lovely place, and would have been lovelier without Tropical Storm Hanna.  We knew we would only have a day of good weather; we knew Williamsburg is a historic treasure trove, with Yorktown and Jamestown only minutes away; we knew we would have to prioritize.

We spent all day at Busch Gardens.

Thanks to impending Hanna and, perhaps, to other travelers' keener sense of history, we were just about the only people at the park.   It was glorious, and we rode the Griffon till we couldn't see straight.  It's pretty much my idea of heaven: after a 205 foot climb, you're suspended face-down (just a leeetle too long) over a drop that DISAPPEARS BENEATH YOU.  Harps of gold have nothing on that.

We did forsake the glories of Busch long enough to enjoy a fantastic meal in Colonial Williamsburg. The food was good enough, but the setting was enchanting.

Deciding to ride out the hurricane in our hotel, we made emergency trips to the store to stock up on cookie dough, baby food, the basics.  We frolicked in the outdoor pool while we waited for Hanna to hit.  It was rainy but not distractingly so.   

We kept waiting for the storm, kept bracing ourselves, kept wondering if our cars were parked far away enough from tall trees.  And nothing ever happened.  It turns out we'd played Sharks and Minnows all the way through Dread Hanna.

Thank goodness for Busch Gardens.  At least we got SOME thrills.


  1. I wanna go! I love your life!! I am always begging Jorg to go to Lagoon (small potatoes compared to the spectacular Busch Gardens). Roller coasters are so thrilling and I am like getting high from just looking at that picture. Good thing Jorg promised he'll go with me to Lagoon before the month is out :)