Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a drop of golden sun

My middle name is Rae, like a drop of golden sun.  And this necklace makes the insane winter we've been having seem sunnier.

The price tag would make my house a little chillier, though.

These vintage $7 earrings make me happy too.
A Burst of Inspiration Earrings

Here's a great print: babushkas AND sunshine.  Try not to smile!
Sunny Russian Doll Babushka 7x5 Print

But my favorite all time sun painting is this one, with Akhenaten.  (Speaking of: did you see the awesome Egyptology news?)  I love the sun's hands, and how its feeding ankhs -- little vitamin D packets -- to Akhenaten and Nefertiti. 

Man, I need me some sunshine.  Who's up for a cruise?

Monday, February 15, 2010

from The Novelist


It turns out February's been rough on my blog. I started a crazy challenge to write a novel -- 50,000 words -- in 30 days. My brother and two sisters are in on the madness too.  I've just passed 23,000 words: 15 days and 27,000 words to go.  I've always wanted to write a novel and even though this one is, well, craptastic, I'm thrilled to finally be getting something down.  (Plus, once it's done I plan to start referring to myself in third person as "The Novelist."  As in, "The Novelist requires breakfast in bed" and "The Novelist is too busy writing A Novel to do laundry this week.")

Although it's taken a toll on my blogging.  Sorry about that.  Words are pretty much leaking out my ears by the end of the day and they won't seem to stay on the computer screen.

I sure am thinking about books, though.

These book cover postcards are fantastic.

I covet this anthropologie book wallpaper.  I'd love to have it line the walls and ceiling of a reading nook.  I'd love to have a reading nook.  And while we're at it, how about a pony?

Here's a lovely book box to hide treasures in.
And, for reading, a new favorite:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

presidents day

Nowhere within a 50 mile radius is celebrating presidents day this year, in a desperate attempt to lower the number of days school will be going in june -- but we can still celebrate!

to wear:
this clever founding fathers wig necklace.
Silver Patriotic Powder Wig Silhouette Necklace

to read:
Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt by David McCullough.  I haven't read this yet, but I might have to get it.  Most of what I know about Theodore Roosevelt comes, shamefully, from Arsenic and Old Lace.  

to listen to:
1776 soundtrack.

to watch:
this chilling documentary on North Korea.  Who's grateful for good leaders?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Actually I love a good snow storm, but this has been insanity.  And we've been hit again, after we spent 7 hours over the weekend digging ourselves and neighbors out.  My back's still recovering.

Still, we have internet, we have electricity, and we have a kindle.  So we're doing just fine.

Some other good news I wanted to share: Nahla passed her test!  She is now an American citizen and can start working on getting her husband and son out of Nigerian refugee camps and into jobs and school.  Thanks so much for all your positive thoughts and prayers.  She worked so hard for this, and it is going to make her life so much better.

Have you seen this weatherman freaking out about last weekend's storm?   He was right on.  It really was that crazy.  And that was before today's blizzard of insanity.  10 inches and counting.  We still have whiteout conditions -- and they're talking about another storm on Sunday.

At least I'm getting a lot of knitting done.

Monday, February 1, 2010

stay warm!

We've had snow snow snow -- which makes me want to buy things.  I think it's some spin on hibernation.  Must make the den as cozy as possible.

Anyway, here are my picks to brighten a winter's day. 

To wear: divine leather hex goodness, $350. (A girl can dream!)

To cuddle: yummy Pottery Barn Kantha throw from used saris.  (Not being sold yet -- watch for it this spring.)
Alternate View

To flaunt: comfy heels, $98.

To enchant: lovely suit in stunning color, $115.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I teach ESL to homeless adults.  My students are mostly women just leaving abusive husbands and learning to do everything for the first time -- drive, work, go to school.  Only one of my students is happily married.   Except her husband and 10 year old son are stuck in a refugee camp in Nigeria, and she's only seen her son 4 times.

We'll call her Nahla.  Nahla's from Somalia and, until my class, had never set foot in a classroom.  Although her spoken English is pretty good, she'd never learned to read -- not in English, not in Somali.  She's incredible, one of those Glinda the Good people who travel in their own pink happiness bubble.   The one thing that's holding Nahla back is being separated from her family.  She's tried and tried to get them over here, but they can never get a visa.  Even worse, because her husband's a refugee, he isn't allowed to work, and her son isn't allowed to go to school.    A few years ago there was a refugee round up and her husband and son were jailed.  She had to muster together several thousand dollars to get them released.  Her 10 year old son was JAILED in Nigeria.  The mind boggles.

But that was when the economy was good and she had a job; now she worries they'll be jailed again and she won't be able to get them out.  Which is why she's so desperate to pass the citizenship test and become an American.  That way she can bring them over.  Her son could actually go to school for the first time.  Nahla had been eligible to take the test for a few years, but had always been too frightened because the English is really hard. (Seriously: what is a non-native speaker supposed to do with the question "which of the following is not one of the constitutional requirements to be eligible to become president?"  The questions are insanely difficult, even for someone who speaks English and knows American history.  Quick: "what INS form is used to apply to become a naturalized citizen?")

Nahla recently decided that she could start to study for the test.  The test is so hard, I was doubtful she'd be able to make any headway, and for several weeks, she didn't.  But then all of a sudden something clicked and she could remember questions and memorize answers for literally the first time in her life.  She attributes it to God; she fasted all daylight hours in December in preparation for this test.

She takes the test tomorrow.  If you have spare prayers/ meditations/ positive thoughts, could send them her way?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rope jewelry

Jewelry's on my mind.  I'm tardy to the rope party, but found these great pieces I wanted to share anyway. 

For $230, Sabrina Dehoff has this divine 4- strand rope:

Here's a great necklace from Munted Kowhai (though I would probably change the necklace's name).  I bought earrings from this store and love them.  The necklace is only $35.
Image of Peen Fok

Greedy Girl, a must-read blog, had a post today about wonderful The Vamoose.  This knotty nautical bauble is $29.
the sailor's knot necklace

I couldn't pull off this necklace ($65), but I know some of you who could:
Image of Convertible B.I.G. Braid

These bracelets smell like sunshine! And they're only $4 a pop.
Image of Medium Sailor Knot Rope Bracelet with Satin Stripe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

valentine jewelry

We covered Valentine's Day cards; now for jewelry!  As Mae West said, "I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself."

 Geek love.

Loving Naomi Murrell's cheery necklace -- I'm on a big wood pendant kick.
Image of Love Necklace ~ Rock Maple Wood & Sterling Silver

Hourglasses are crazy romantic; is it the  "gather ye rosebuds while ye may" subtext?
The golden hourglass. Old world 2010 collection.

So charming, my favorite color combo, and people! That's velvet frigging ribbon!
Comet Necklace

Understated and adorable.   If I had a brother who had a girlfriend, I would nag nag nag him to buy her this.  (Good thing you're off the hook, brothers mine.)
little rose ring

Because hearts are fantastic.  And girls love sparklies. 
 fool's heart, gold

Tooth-achingly sweet
little love note

Monday, January 25, 2010

letterpress valentine cards

Letterpress cards make my heart beat faster.  Here's a roundup of my Valentine faves.

So you love a geologist?  Mazel tov.  Get this card from egg press.

Scallops, diving bird, pepto-bismol pink, cute murderous infant -- that's amore!
Letterpressed Love Note - Fallen 

Because nothing says "you light up my life" better than a Mexican wrestler.  Or two.

 I adore Zeichen Press, and also this "strange and wonderful" card.  (Also adore the word "trilobite." If that is in fact a trilobite.  Not sure.  Still: trilobite.  Trilobite trilobite trilobite.)
Image of You're strange and wonderful.

Simple and gorgeous. Possibly gorgeous enough to work as a "what the what? Was yesterday February 14th AGAIN?" card.
 I Love You Roses Card

When you know exactly what you want for Valentine's.
Valentines Day - Besame Mucho - 4bar Letterpressed Card and Envelope

For the Pandora aficionado: juxebox love.

Hate Valentines Day?  Or suffer from low blood sugar? Either way, here you go.
Passion Haiku - GingerDead Goth / Alt Greeting Cards w/ Envelopes (5 PACK)  - Valentine / Anti-Valentine / Love

Thursday, January 21, 2010

favorite recent blogs

Since I've been, um, embarrassingly incommunicado for a while, I have billions of links and movies and books to share.

Top Three Recent Fantastic Blog Discoveries

I only found this blog a few weeks ago, but already it's becoming a highlight of my daily Google Reader ritual.  It combines impeccably curated finds and a lovely, restful layout: be still, my heart! 

 Along with the eponymous store, this is a treasure trove of boho sensibility.  The store carries hand-blocked sheets for the little folk, but a line of grown-up goodies is rolling out soon.  And in the meantime, the blog is a great source of eye candy.  Like this wonderful Australian store, Fenton & Fenton.  


Word of advice: run to the bathroom before you start reading this collection of real, live, whacked out passive aggressiveness.  As a veteran of, wait for it I figured this out one time, 67 roommates, and a former cubicle dweller, I can totally relate to these.

this is why your waitress is cranky by passiveaggressivenotes.

you can do it, frankie! just liiiiive!

House Of Frankenstein Revive

Well guess who's still alive.

Top Three Reasons I'm Back to Blogging

1.  The power
2.  The prestige
3. It makes me happy to write every day
   3a.  and by "every day" I mean . . . three times a week.
   3b.  cause that's reasonable, right? as a starting point?