Wednesday, February 11, 2009

home. sweeeet home!

Hubba hubba.

Oh, honey.

Please, please: be mine.

This gorgeous Moorish home (in Key West, whoudda thought it?) was built by a team of Moroccan artisans who camped out in Florida for a year.  (Hilariously, they got weekly check-up visits from the FBI.) 

I love love love it. The hand tiled floors, the incredible wood ceilings, the mashrabiya screens -- I swear we are meant for each other.

I figure all that stands between us is about $50 mil.  Well, that and my poor sweet husband, who is still coming to terms with our awesome new wallpaper.

Check out more photos and details at Architectural Digest.  (Seeing this house alone was worth our magazine subscription.  Which, come to think of it, we didn't pay for.  Thanks for the Christmas gift, Amberphivia!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

"no one says, 'it started off as a bet, but now I really do love you'"

Here's a very funny little movie about all the chick flick cliches He's Just Not That Into You does NOT contain. Number 6 is my favorite.

Though I'm still not convinced the movie will be that great. I mean, all that awesome talent and the trailers STILL put me to sleep? Meh. I'd rather spend my $12 on evil doppelganger mothers any day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

color blindness

Genius s-i-l and I have started a killer knitting project.  It's a stunning two-color alpaca blanket.  Words do not do it justice.


Fabulous, right?

I've never done colorwork, and s-i-l's never done knitting, but little things like that are not going to stand between us and this blanket of deliciousness.

Yesterday we got the yarn, we threw on some Desperate Housewives, and we plunged in.

The actual knitting isn't that bad.  In fact, it's making me feel quite smug to blithely knit away with TWO COLORS ! in my hands.  (Of course, that's due far more to the brilliant Mason-Dixon girls than to my native intelligence.)  

But here's the problem:

Dear readers, is it too green? Is it reminiscent of putrid bodily effluvia?  Is it, worse, BORING?

Please advise.