Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baby quilt roundup

For Christmas I finished my first quilt EVAH. Yes I am a stud.

(Have I told you that a church leader made me promise as a teenager never to touch a sewing machine again? I think she was afraid I would maim myself or others. But I SHOWED HER, huh.)

I may be getting a bit too cocky, but having now become Accomplished Maker of Quilts, I feel like I ought to be able to whip a baby quilt together before Manchild makes his appearance. In 4 1/2 weeks. Am I nuts?

The next step is picking a pattern. I'm drawn to this super darling modern chain quilt (you can buy the pattern here).

The Modern Chain Quilt Pattern Tutorial,  PDF

Here's another awesome one that I would have to figure out how to recreate myself, not being authorized to pay this lovely store $320 to make it for me. Which would probably involve things like math and and measurements and manful attempts to not swear.

Equilateral Triangles Crib Quilt

Then there's this baby blanket that's knit in a brainless garter stitch. But look at those colors! The evil geniuses at purlsoho have put together all kinds of yarn kits for this blanket with all kinds of breathtaking colorways.

YUM. Is it time for another project?


  1. 1. Finally you are back! My blog life is now complete!
    2. I am a fan of the knit one, looks so beautifully colorful and cozy!
    3. You are crazy for wanting to start another project. I love your kind of crazy!

  2. Sister King would be so excited to know she made your blog!

  3. Konga, the starting is easy, it's the finishing that's the problem. . .

    Kim, Sis King was totally right. I remember sewing some very deformed teddy bears in YW that probably terrified the cancer patients we were making them for.