Monday, January 10, 2011

it just won't die

Yay -- blog resurrection! I feel a little like Seriously So Blessed, who is always apologizing for not posting in forEVer.  (As she wonders, chillingly, "if I don't blog it, does it even really happen?")

So I have been an epically bad blogger.  But I figure with a bouncing baby boy due in just under 5 weeks, it's time to reestablish an online presence.  Because I'm pretty sure we're going to have the adorablest, best-behaved, most darling baby of all time, and everyone will want to see millions of pictures and read about horrifying diaper disasters and so on.  Amirite?

What have I been doing besides blogging? A little bit of traveling (let's see: Syria, California, London, Barcelona, Utah), a little bit of teaching, millions of projects (I even finished a couple dozen), writing a novel and a half, gestating in general. Oh and thinking up lots of Things I'll Never Do When I Have Kids. They're pretty much like this list from the ever-hysterical Pregnant Chicken.

As a present to you for actually reading this far, let me gift you this lovely image of a sweaty man crammed into a mouse costume selling balloons outside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. I'm not sure if he's an homage to the martyred Hamas Mickey Mouse look-a-like, or just some random woodland creature, but trust me he was super creepy in person.  When I Have Kids I solemnly swear I will never let them near sinister possibly terrorist mice.

That's one promise I think I can keep.


  1. Oh Laura, how I love you! You post the best stuff. I can't wait to meet baby boy, he IS going to be the most adorable, darling and well behaved baby of all time. :)
    P.S. I love the bunny man...made my day. haha

  2. Em, you are too nice. Plus pretty sure you already have the monopoly on darlingest offspring. . .