Thursday, January 21, 2010

favorite recent blogs

Since I've been, um, embarrassingly incommunicado for a while, I have billions of links and movies and books to share.

Top Three Recent Fantastic Blog Discoveries

I only found this blog a few weeks ago, but already it's becoming a highlight of my daily Google Reader ritual.  It combines impeccably curated finds and a lovely, restful layout: be still, my heart! 

 Along with the eponymous store, this is a treasure trove of boho sensibility.  The store carries hand-blocked sheets for the little folk, but a line of grown-up goodies is rolling out soon.  And in the meantime, the blog is a great source of eye candy.  Like this wonderful Australian store, Fenton & Fenton.  


Word of advice: run to the bathroom before you start reading this collection of real, live, whacked out passive aggressiveness.  As a veteran of, wait for it I figured this out one time, 67 roommates, and a former cubicle dweller, I can totally relate to these.

this is why your waitress is cranky by passiveaggressivenotes.


  1. You are back?! For real?! Oh my life just got so much better!!!!!

  2. I knew you were hiding some delicious new blogs for me to sink my teeth into!

  3. So love Kate at the Neo-Trad blog. And so glad to find your blog through her. I look forward to following you. I truly love the world of blog! Have trouble even reading a book these days because I could read blogs for hours and hours and hours. Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm so touched you're a Neo-Trad fan!!!! I assure you the admiration is mutual. As for Rikshaw, you simply can't go wrong. Love her blog and love her company's products. Isn't the Australian store she blogged about simply amazing?! Do keep in touch!
    XXXX Kate