Monday, January 25, 2010

letterpress valentine cards

Letterpress cards make my heart beat faster.  Here's a roundup of my Valentine faves.

So you love a geologist?  Mazel tov.  Get this card from egg press.

Scallops, diving bird, pepto-bismol pink, cute murderous infant -- that's amore!
Letterpressed Love Note - Fallen 

Because nothing says "you light up my life" better than a Mexican wrestler.  Or two.

 I adore Zeichen Press, and also this "strange and wonderful" card.  (Also adore the word "trilobite." If that is in fact a trilobite.  Not sure.  Still: trilobite.  Trilobite trilobite trilobite.)
Image of You're strange and wonderful.

Simple and gorgeous. Possibly gorgeous enough to work as a "what the what? Was yesterday February 14th AGAIN?" card.
 I Love You Roses Card

When you know exactly what you want for Valentine's.
Valentines Day - Besame Mucho - 4bar Letterpressed Card and Envelope

For the Pandora aficionado: juxebox love.

Hate Valentines Day?  Or suffer from low blood sugar? Either way, here you go.
Passion Haiku - GingerDead Goth / Alt Greeting Cards w/ Envelopes (5 PACK)  - Valentine / Anti-Valentine / Love

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  1. I NEED the red one with the blue flower!!!! So lovely! This is why I am SO happy you are back to blogging!