Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rope jewelry

Jewelry's on my mind.  I'm tardy to the rope party, but found these great pieces I wanted to share anyway. 

For $230, Sabrina Dehoff has this divine 4- strand rope:

Here's a great necklace from Munted Kowhai (though I would probably change the necklace's name).  I bought earrings from this store and love them.  The necklace is only $35.
Image of Peen Fok

Greedy Girl, a must-read blog, had a post today about wonderful The Vamoose.  This knotty nautical bauble is $29.
the sailor's knot necklace

I couldn't pull off this necklace ($65), but I know some of you who could:
Image of Convertible B.I.G. Braid

These bracelets smell like sunshine! And they're only $4 a pop.
Image of Medium Sailor Knot Rope Bracelet with Satin Stripe


  1. Ohhh I want the blue one! You find the best stuff, so unconventional, so lovely...
    XX Kate

  2. I'll pray for her. You're so awesome Laura. I'm sure you help those people a ton!
    Thanks for teaching me how to knit...I'm excited to see that outcome.
    Have fun in the snow.