Monday, February 1, 2010

stay warm!

We've had snow snow snow -- which makes me want to buy things.  I think it's some spin on hibernation.  Must make the den as cozy as possible.

Anyway, here are my picks to brighten a winter's day. 

To wear: divine leather hex goodness, $350. (A girl can dream!)

To cuddle: yummy Pottery Barn Kantha throw from used saris.  (Not being sold yet -- watch for it this spring.)
Alternate View

To flaunt: comfy heels, $98.

To enchant: lovely suit in stunning color, $115.


  1. I love that swim suit. what a DIVINE colour!!!

    ... the shoes... well, you already know how i feel about those....

  2. the swimsuit made me think of you -- i think the color would be great with your coloring.

    and i still think you're wrong about the shoes...

  3. Lovely Laura,

    Welcome back to the bloggging. All seems right in the world with access to your pretty things and thoughts!

    And bless that Nahla! How did the test go?