Friday, August 22, 2008


I just finished my Biggest Knitting Project Ever.  Everything was big: the needles, the space under my couch the yarn took up, the finished blanket, my pride in getting 'er done.   

My grandma gave this blanket as Christmas gifts last year.  I fell in love with it then, and resolved to take up knitting.  It's just so darn cuddlylicious, to quote a Project Runway contestant.  (This blanket has seen a lot of Project Runway.)  I like the simplicity and the sophistication of the cables.  Seed stitch, the background, is my favorite stitch.

I've sent it off to the Old World to cheer my now-expatriate family in their time of exile.  Ha.  As if.    They are living it up in London, and this blanket wants to get in on the fun.

And so do I.  We're planning a Thanksgiving trip out there, and I am already s-k-y-d psyched!


  1. Yay for blogspot and you joining us! The blanket looks awesome! I haven't shown mom the pic or told her it was done, so she will get a nice surprise in the mail

  2. Can I come for Thanksgiving too?
    I finished the book and WOW!! I give it maybe 1 out of 5 stars, if that. I just hated how everything worked out and was convinient and blah, blah, blah. Where is the action? Intensity? Plot and story? It was a boring book that took me longer than a Twilight book should have taken. Too bad :(

  3. I love cable knit. It looks so impressive and (once you get the hang of it) not that tricky. Beautiful work!

  4. tiffany: yes, come for thanksgiving! and you might try Sunshine by Robin McKinley for a different kind of vampire book. (rated PG-13.)

    katie: I love cable too! I'm working on another throw that's all panels of different cable stitches. It's really lovely: