Wednesday, August 27, 2008

bobble baubles

I love love love this jacket from Vogue Knitting Fall 08.  The colors are wild and the details fabulous.  I drool over those puffed sleeve bobbles.

Sweaters are still waaaaay out of my comfort level, but this one is so delectable I might have to tackle it.

First: convince one of my sisters they NEED this. I knit much quicker when it's for someone else.  (Alas for my poor neglected cupcakes.)

Second: find a really patient knitting mentor.


  1. I am going to go as far as saying the gender of this particular model is questionable.

  2. ha! good point. in the catalogue pictures, s/he actually has a fairly pronounced mustache shadow, but I didn't notice till you pointed it out.

    just proves that EVERYONE needs this jacket. even trannies.