Monday, August 25, 2008

bathtub baubles

When my folks moved to London, like, last week, they sold their house and everything in it. Everything, that is, that I didn't claim first.

One of the things I got dibs on first was a fabulous set of glass globe candleholders. They're hung on nice-enough-to-eat chocolate velvet ribbon, and Momma had them suspended over her soaking tub. (I tried to claim the tub, too, but it wouldn't fit in the car. Or, for that matter, in my bathroom.)

Today I managed to hang them over MY bathtub.

You may not realize how epic that statement is. Context: when it comes to DIY-ing, I have the anti-Midas touch. Everything I touch turns to rust and ruin. For example. There are 3, count 'em, 3 toilet paper holders in our house, all installed by me, and all, Peter has since pointed out, upside down. The paper towel holder I screwed into the kitchen wall unscrews itself weekly; every successfully hung painting hides behind it several dozens of a-little-higher-now-over-to-the-right nail holes.

But this time? 7 baubles: 7 holes. I'm feeling GOOD.

Now all I need is a long, hot bath.


  1. delightful, and I love the new blog! I wanted to say something about a previous post you made but then I was never allowed to comment- I LOVE Balboa Island too! It's sort of been my family's thing just like it's your family's thing- and who doesn't love Amelia-I love how I'm always finding out things that we have in common. You're awesome!

  2. Great job! THose are sooooo stinkin' cool. I am impressed!

  3. I LOVE that! the little golbes are perfect and hanging them over ur bathtub-genius!! u made me smile.

  4. They look at home in your bathroom... yeah... I, as always, adore you and your blog